Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Developer and interested in social change?

Irrepressible Voices is looking for a CTO & Co-Founder

Who we are:

Irrepressible Voices (IV) is a community platform for videos about human rights issues, a Human Rights YouTube meets Wikileaks.
Users from around the world submit their videos, verify and curate them and interact with each other. In addition, a network of NGOs and partner institutions will help to raise awareness for their cause.

Irrepressible Voices means: empower people, raise awareness, create change!

We want you ....

  • to take charge of the development of our platform, which means: oversight and implementation of all IT related matters
  • to have a very good working knowledge of current web technologies. The platform is currently built in PHP (Zend Framework)
  • any other additional programming languages or technical skills are a plus
  • to be highly motivated to become an expert  -if you are not one already- in security related issue:  Big data, encryption, security & privacy protection, digital fingerprints, cloud forensics, tor, anchorfree, filepicker.io, cloudflare.
  • and most importantly: We want you to share our vision for a secure and free platform to make people’s voices heard and, thus, change the world for good!

What you get ...

  • the chance to lead a technically demanding business case
  • opportunity to become our co-founder and Social Entrepreneur
  • as soon as we’re up and running (and earn money) you’ll receive a share in our Social Start Up
  • a great work environment: we are located at Berlin´s Social Impact Lab, provided by SAP
  • you get to work in a close relationship to security experts  that are already supporting us today (e.g  experts in privacy and data security at Dresden University of Technology, (Chief Research Expert, Digital Evidence)
  • opportunity to join the developer programme hosted by Sourcefabric
  • an opportunity to develop this project (also as a part of a Master thesis) with us and evolving a vision of Irrepressible Voices as the “Wikileaks for Human Rights Videos”
  • last not least your work will be relevant for millions of people worldwide

Please send your CV and your track record to info(at)irrepressiblevoices.org