Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Is there any difference between "Collateral Murder" and "Call of Duty" left?

This documentary movie (thanks to @birgittaj for her recommendation) connects the messages of Huxley´s Brave New World in a very intelligent manner with current politics as a fundament of modern US-warfare. It stresses the role of information overload through technical devices and the similarity between real war ("Collateral Murder") and video games like "Call of Duty". To blur the offline with the online reality is the precondition for reasoning a war on terror in western democracies.

A deficit of that documentary movie is that it doesn´t differentiate between the traditional mass media (video game industry) and the new online media. While the mass media always provided the opportunity of fostering monolithic opinions in the public debate the online media provide the opportunity for more diverse debates. So the online media can serve as a platform for a public debate without any gatekeeper. Obviously it can be much more critical.

Another deficit is the statement that technical devices disconnect people in respect to their social relationships. It ignores the fact that devices bring together people with different cultural and religious background like we have seen in the Israel-Iran-Facebook-campaign.

Nevertheless the movie strengthens the message that we have to be critical against every bite of information. Be self confident and use your own intelligence to question the pretended reality.

For those of you who have no clue what "Call of Duty" and also "Assassin´s Creed" has to do with advertising for a war in the name of patriotism you can watch the trailers below to get an impression. Be especially beware of the similarities between the Call of Duty gameplay and the Collateral Murder video. Is there any difference left?