Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Cory Doctorow, Collab, and EU are Challenging Traditional Thinking

There are two different very interesting events taking place in June and July. Both events are challenging our traditional thinking and therefore very recommended. The first one (Collab and EU-commission) deals with the dichotomy between reality and virtuality, the second one (Cory Doctorow) with the old imagination of who is the good guy and the bad guy.

What is it all about?


The Onlife Initiative + the Internet & Society Collaboratory
invite to a Berlin workshop of the
Concept Reengineering Exercise: 
rethinking public spaces in the digital transition

The Berlin-based multi-stakeholder think tank and ideation platform Internet & Society Co:llaboratory (collaboratory.de) and the EU Commission’s Onlife Initiative (ec.europa.eu...), invite to a special open space workshop in Berlin to explore impacts of global ICT developments within the policy context of the Digital Agenda for Europe and debate how the digital transition shakes established reference frameworks, which impact the public space, politics itself, and societal expectations toward policy-making. Invited are experts from academia, civil society, the private sector to think broadly on Europe’s digital agora within a one-day workshop in Germany’s capital.

Supported by the Hertie Foundation.

Concept Paper: DOWNLOAD PDF

Key topic areas:

The blurring of the distinction between reality and virtuality
The blurring of the distinctions between people, nature and artefacts
The reversal from scarcity to abundance, when it comes to information
The reversal from entity's primacy over interactions to interactions' primacy over entities

Location: Hertie School of Governance, Berlin (Map)
Date: July 12    ///    Time: 10:00 - 18:00

10:30 Introduction to the Onlife Initiative: The project, status, relevant issues, topics
Nicole Dewandre, Director General Information Media and Society
11:00 Open Space workshop split along topic areas
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Reporting back from Workshops, plenary debate on results
15:30 Guest Impulse on the EU Digital Agenda (Background: 1 / 2)
Nils Hullen, BITKOM e.V.
15:45 Debate on concrete EU digital policy developments
17:00 End
19:00 Co:llaboratory Community Evening at (location tbc)

No prior knowledge necessary. Workshop language will be either German or English. The workshop’s goal is to narrow down discourse from theory (in the morning) to policy and new framing (afternoon), and provide input for a report part of the Digital Futures project.

Registration is open to everyone (feel free to forward this invitation), but limited to 20 participants. Sign up early for the workshop at THIS LINK or email kontakt@collaboratory.de


Cory Doctorow - a well known blogger, EFF-activist and blogger and invited by the Long Now Foundation - will talk on the "Coming Century of War Against Your Computer". The seminar is described as following:

"The war against computer freedom will just keep escalating, Doctorow contends. The copyright wars, net neutrality, and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) were early samples of what is to come. Victories in those battles were temporary. Conflict in the decades ahead will feature ever higher stakes, more convoluted issues, and far more powerful technology. The debate is about how civilization decides to conduct itself and in whose interests."

The speech can also be seen via Fora.TV