Montag, 29. August 2011

Journalists and bloggers in Pakistan: Dangerous searching for truth

Sometimes the discussion about the relationship between "journalists" and "bloggers" in Germany seems a little bit strange when comparing this discussion with the situation of bloggers/journalists in other countries. Our fc_org-blogger Farhan Janjua from Pakistan told us some weeks ago something about the killing of one of his colleagues who has been a journalist. We ask him to send us a short report about this incident - we got to know that this is only one of many deadly incidents in the last years in Pakistan...

From our former fc_org blogpost:

"Recently, the journalist Saleem Shahzad has been killed in Pakistan after he had been reporting on the connections between the Pakistani intelligence agency and al Qaeda. Admiral Mike Mullen, who is the top officer in the US military, has said that the Pakistani government has sanctioned Shahzad’s killing. Even before this Pakistan has been the most dangerous place for journalists.
FutureChallenges’ regional editor Farhan Janjua from Pakistan interviews Pakistani journalists asking whether they feel safe any longer in their home country and what they think the future of Pakistani journalism could look like. It turns out that even people using Twitter and Facebook could be threatened. Nevertheless, they all stress the need for independent reporting including bloggers and people using social media to speak out."

Since 1992 840 journalists/bloggers have been killed in Pakistan - by the way: 94% of the victims were male.

Please see also his video which gives a short impression regarding the working conditions of people who want to work for transparency and truth.