Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Global Economic Symposium 2011 - The Global Citizen

There are some type of global economic and political events (summits) which have a special closed shop character. But it is very obvious that we have to foster openness in public debates when issues have an impact at the daily life of people all over the world. The agenda of G8, G20 or the WEF consist of elements which can be interesting and relevant for citizens both in democracies and dictatorships. Why are they not allowed to take part in such debates?

The Global Economic Symposium 2011 wants to address this problem. For that reason the claim of the upcoming Global Economic Symposium 2011 - which the Kiel Institute for Economic Science and the Bertelsmann Foundation are responsible for - therefore is: "New Forces in Global Governance".

The future challenges.org-team from the Bertelsmann Foundation will blog directly from this symposium (here you can find some information about the sessions). There will exist multiple channels for communication and information between participants and users in the internet via Facebook, Twitter, GES/FC_org-blogs and the fc_org-wiki.

From our Futurechallenges.org-blog: The Global Citizen

Dennis Snower is President of the Institute for World Economy in Kiel. He is founder of the Global Economic Symposium which he describes as follows: “The GES is about creating a neutral open space in which we can understand that we are a global community; in which we are prepared to take on global responsibilities and understand that as the world has become interconnected and globalized, we have become interdependent in various important ways. Because we are creating global problems like climate change, like the financial crisis, that no country can address on its own. So these problems are orphan problems that remain unaddressed even by many international organizations which are arenas for pushing national interests. The GES grew out of the realization that we must come together as a global community – that we are increasingly a global economy, but not a global society. Every one of us living on this planet has many identities. We have an identity within our family, an identity within larger social groups. Now, perhaps for the first time in human history it’s vital for our very survival as a species that we also forge a global identity. The GES is an attempt to establish such a global identity.”

The conference will take place early October 2011 in Kiel. This years topic is “New Forces in Global Governance!”. FutureChallenges is cooperation partner of the GES and we are currently working on a magazine which will be published for the conference covering various fields in politics, economy, society and education in which these “New Forces” became really strong.