Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

#fc_org Bloggers in Rietberg - Preparing the Relaunch

This week we met the #fc_org regional editors (Craig Willy, Josh Grundleger, Farhan Fanjua, Jacinta Escudos, Sonam Ongmo, Mac-Jordan Degadjor, Alexey Sidorenko, and Lourdes Gomez) from all over the world a second time. Last year we have been met the first time. In the meanwhile we only collaborated only virtually. Every time it is a outstanding experience to talk to engaged people which come from very different countries, time zones and cultures. As fc_org blogger Farhan said: "Humanity brings us together". And we have one overarching aim: we want to make the world a better world (a little bit) with a help of our initiative www.futurechallenges.org

All photos by Alexey Sidorenko
We had really awesome days in the small town #Rietberg in german Eastwestfalia. The main focus of the workshop was how we can improve our writing and authenticity in our blogposts further more? How can we also improve the management of the #fc_org blogger network? Dutch rapper Kevin de Randemie and dutch Emmy nominated film maker Maartje Nevejan provided challenging exercises (thanks for that!) for these purposes.

Beside this Lee Bryant from british Headshift, Steve Watson from London based The Church of London and world traveller and activist Ulrike Reinhard helped us in preparing the last steps towards relaunch of www.futurechallenges.org. As an important partner for our future cooperation Claudia Juech, managing director at the Rockefeller Foundation, gave us an insight into the work of that foundation.

The last two hours of the workshops were then dedicated to face ones own challenges through taking part in a climbing tour.

Last but not least we had the opportunity at the end of this week to introduce www.futurechallanges.org to the president of the Vargas Foundation (based in Brasil), Carlos Ivan Simensen Leal. Beside that the next steps towards an integrated approach to combine the Global Economic Symposium in the city of Kiel this year with #fc_org were token. So it was a really outstanding working week.